Monday, September 30, 2013


Clarissa Bonet, via

Yesterday, as giant raindrops collided violently with the pavement and rebounded into the air, they shattered into thousands of small droplets that together, suspended a halo of white mist over the asphalt.

If it were a few degrees warmer, the skies would fill with deep, sonorous vibrations. It would become an amphitheater, echoing the crackling explosions that accompany the fury of atmospheric equalization. If it were just a few degrees warmer, wiry tentacles of pure electricity would momentarily reveal a photographic moment amidst the tumult of a clouded sky.

If it were just a few degrees warmer, I might be under a blanket with a friend or two, some of us scared, some of us thrilled, but all of us humbled by nature's orchestral performance.

If this is one of those days....


Muslim - Nagamatzu
Don't Understand That Man (acoustic) - U.S. Girls
Golden Hours - Brian Eno
Facefuck - Organs of Love
We are the Axis (Daniel Avery Remix) - The Asphodells
So Many Times, So Many Ways - Mount Kimbie
Abendfrieden - Eroc

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