Thursday, October 28, 2010


My friend C gave me the tip on the funniest blog I've been to in a long time. This is a definite must-add to your daily rounds. It's Mrs.-Dalloway-meets-menswear-aficionado-meets-Telly


This is an excerpt from the blog and one of my favourite posts:

Where the fuck am I?

You can’t see me.

That’s right.

Fort made of Filsons.

I’m buried under here.

With your girl.

Told her she “might as well have the best” ™

She agreed.

While you’re out at flea markets trying on dead people’s clothes,

I’m in my fort playing make-believe.

Make believing I’m not on that next level Cookie Crisp.

Make believing I’m not breakin’ owls’ necks when I’m out all night steezing.

Make believing I’m not your favorite blogger.

Never gonna grow up.

Wearing my forest green Macky Cruiser.

No fucking pants on.

Fly as shit.

Call me Patina Peter Pan.

So fucking fly.

In my fort made of Filsons.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


L'officiel Hommes Germany #2

Not going to lie - I'm a sucker for this old timey shiiiiit

Monday, October 25, 2010


The annals of history have a way of slipping into the abyss of time. Only what is fossilized is remembered, and nothing is better fossilized than the stories of defeat and conquest, the life and death of many an ancien regime.

My love of history and my love of fashion come together full force in these photos dug up from the French Military Archives. In what historians now refer to as The Race for Africa, these photos from the late nineteenth century feature members of the first, second and third Regiment de Chausseurs d'Afrique, in expeditions to Algeria. Look out soon for some daguerreotypes !

Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the most provocative statements that I recall hearing in my years as an undergrad came from an eccentric professor, instructing a course on mythology. He told us that every age and era carries with it, a popular myth to which that society advertently or inadvertently adheres.

The myth that best defines our society today, he said, is that of Faust - the man who sold his soul to the devil.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

thanks, shini

from my favourite london blogger, Shini Park

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Liquid Liquid, we owe you one.

For looking like this:

for that iconic bassline that defined a generation of hip hop,

and of course, thanks for being there for these guys, in the way of influence and collaboration, because they've saved a few rainy Saturdays and some sinks full of dishes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


"I will light a fire that spreads beyond your fences and into your house. I will set ablaze your dormant minds. I will turn your preconceptions to smoldering ash. I am the arsonist that will wake you the fuck up." 
So says San Francisco based graphic designer Johnny Selman. Selman has embarked on a year long project wherein each day, he designs a visual representation of a daily BBC headline. Aptly named, BBCX365 is Selman's artistic crusade against the diluted, polemic and incendiary nature of America's Newertainment. The manifestations of his own visual engagement range from the abstract to the literal and I kind of enjoy tracing his steps from the literary to the graphic.

                                                             North Korea’s Kim Pavesway For Family Succession, 28 September 2010

With an important political message at its core (or...... on its face, much like a pair of tortoise shell Moscots (I bet he has a pair, that liberal-media loving artiste!)) and a novel way of presenting current events, this project, at its most base level, is trying to encourage people to engage with headline news from reputable news sources. On another, it aims to pose questions about how our involvement and engagement with current events, both local and international, affect how we conceive of, and act out, our duties as citizens. Does reading the news make us better voters? Does it affect our choices as producers and consumers? Does it make us more aware of the repercussions of the choices of our government? Did we even know what those choices were?

                           The Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has gone on trial in Amsterdam accused of inciting hatred against Muslims.

                                                               Pope Offers 'Hand of Friendship' to UK

I think reading the news is part of growing up and becoming a responsible adult. I reached a landmark place in my life when I changed my alarm radio station to NEWS1130. Although, it is harder to get out of bed now that I don't have Kid Carson to stir me out of my slumber with a deadly rage that only his inanity could provoke. Along with the rest of this city, I seriously fucking hate that guy.



I'm trying to keep my promises, stop talking shit, learn to bake like Caitie, and be on point; this makes it seem easier...