Wednesday, May 18, 2011


from Beefcake Beachwear: A Short History

1880-1890, The Union Suit
According to Lencek and Basker in Making Waves, the first Jentzen men's wet wool suit could weigh as much as 9 pounds and had a tendency to fall down. 

Eastern European Gents, Circa 1910
America, circa 1910
According to Lencek and Bosker, in May 1917, the American Association of Park Superintendents published "Bathing Suit Regulations inThe American City. All-white and flesh-colored suits were discouraged as anatomical details were too clear. Nothing below the armpits could be shown on the chest. Men's suits needed a skirt or skirt effect, worn outside the trunks. The leg could not be shorter than 4 inches from the knee and the skirt not shorter than two inches above the bottom of the trunks."
Off the Shoulder Chic, circa 1948
In 1955 Speedo, an Australian company that had been around since 1914, introduced nylon into its fabric for competition swimwear. The string-tied bikini brief style became so popular that even similar-style garments made by different companies are today referred to as Speedoes.In 1958, Spandex was invented and marketed in 1962 by DuPont as Lyrca.


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